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Meet Dr. Benton

Dr. Benton earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX in 1999. He opened Suncoast Chiropractic in 2000 and has been treating patients for over eighteen years.

 His first experience with chiropractic was while he was still in high-school. He had suffered with asthma and allergies his entire life requiring daily medications and the use of an emergency inhaler on a routine basis. Despite all the medical treatment his asthma and allergies were worsening.  His first adjustment was because of an allergic reaction from eating a shrimp. He didn't know he was allergic and after eating the shrimp went into anaphylactic  shock. He was at a chiropractors house and the chiropractor stopped the reaction with an adjustment! This changed his entire outlook and health and health care and started going to the chiropractor for his asthma and allergies. After 6-months of care he was able to get off his medication and manage both his asthma and allergies with diet and chiropractic care.


Dr. Benton has been married to his wife, Carol, for 32 years and they have three daughters and a grandson.


  • Parker University - Doctorate of Chiropractic- 1999
  • Parker University- Acupuncture Certification - 1999
  • University of South Florida- B.S. Business Finance-1994

  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association